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Product Name:

Wound suction set

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一次性使用负压引流袋(甁式 1000ml)

Disposable negative pressure drainage bag instruction manual
I. Product Overview
This product is divided into bottle type and bag type according to different structure. The bottle type consists of bottle body, spring, bottle cap, cap stopper, latex tube, regulator, joint and catheter. The bag type consists of bag body, spring, and upper and lower covers. Caps, caps, and conduits (optional).
Second, the implementation of standards
YZB/Su (regular) 0086-2010
Third, the specification model
According to the structure, it can be divided into bottle type and bag type, and its capacity is 1000ml.
Fourth, the scope of application
Applicable to a variety of wound drainage after surgery.
V. How to use
1, select the applicable type, and then remove the contents;
2. When using the bag-type drainage bag, one end of the catheter is first tightly inserted into the drainage port, the other end is connected to the drainage tube, and then the gas in the bag is opened by opening the outlet port, and the cap is plugged to perform the drainage operation;
3. When using the bottle-type drainage bag, first connect the connector with the drainage tube, then adjust the regulator to the closed state, then open the exhaust port to empty the bottle of gas, and plug the cap for drainage operation;
3, when attraction is reduced and attraction is slow, the exhaust port can be opened to discharge the air in the bag or the bottle, immediately close the exhaust port, and the negative pressure suction function can be restored.
Six, matters needing attention
1, only limited to one-time use, after the destruction;
2. The bag is cracked, damaged, and prohibited from use;
3, when using the catheter should be tightly inserted into the drainage port, otherwise it will reduce the negative pressure suction or loss of negative pressure attraction;
4. The product is sterilized with ethylene oxide. The sterilization is valid for two years. The production date is sealed and expired products are strictly prohibited.
5. This product is stored in a room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, as well as non-corrosive gases and a well-ventilated room;
6, this product is operated by professionals.
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